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Thursday, 6 November 2014

I've been so busy what a wonderful year it has been for growing no time to blog. So catching up this year I really enjoyed the gift a friend bought me for Christmas the Sarah Raven Sweetpeas. Inspiration sought me shopping for more colour in the garden with my cosmos picotee too!

Next year I am experimenting with chocolate cosmos again and canna lily's.

Whilst in between loving 'school' at Brooksby Melton College RHS CLASS.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Time is Marching On!

All this mild weather you would think it late April.

Garden Weeded - check
Shrubs divided and re plated - check
New plants purchased waiting to go! - check
Sweetpeas from Sarah Raven sown - check
Bishops Landaff - sown but not grown - check them
Borders defined - check
Cosmos Picotee 5" tall now ready for sowing soon - check
Cornflower Double Black growing - check

Of course the list is endless fortunately the lawn was mowed, however,

prior to weeding and feeding it! thanks to my lawn mowing man.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Potting First

With January past us and raring to do some potting I have now experimented with some Cowslip seedlings - fingers crossed then.

Also on the menu is those long awaited Dahlias Bishops Children, which I had in my garden back in 2010. Tall wavering stems of burnt oranges, yellows, mauves and pale cranberry colours which lasted me until late October. Dig out the tubers before the first frosts!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Contrast in January

January 2014 seems ever so mild I am itching to get in the garden and do some potting up. This was last year 20th January 2013, poor hens.

Sow far I have potted some acidenthera's, freesia's, and bizarrely I have some deep red nastursium's that have sprouted up, and a trough of this year's daisy's. Still lots to do....... I have decided to reinstate the lovely Bishops Children variety of dahlia -  so pretty, and add to that some more colour. Like my winter interest pictured below with hammellis against the background of cornus and ferns.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Summery Note for last year part two!

It's August - were we ever going to get any warm weather.? so as it turned out yes! One particular day temperatures rose (pardon the pun) to an almighty 30 degrees in our garden, borders finally came to full fruition!

we also had 'notmeatall' (FB contact) round for a banter and a barbeque amongst playing new pub games including 'devil amongst the tailors' an old pub game that has been revived by my partner now becoming very popular amongst the locals.

that was it that was the highlight of the year ! thereafter it did all go down hill weather wise. But hey!
You have to make the most of what you have and you have to make the most of what you get!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A 'Summery' note for last Year

We had a great summer last year - no we really did!

Most of us talk about what a bad year it was, what with fete's fairs and car boots being cancelled due to the weather. However, most of you will only remember that when it came to a weekend the weather turned and rained or it was too cold especially for gardening.

I took action when ever I could behaving just like the weather barometer  where woman came out in good weather and man came out in variable weather. When it was sunny I went out into the garden obviously when rained I came back in or sheltered in the shed. Although it was still a hard year I have to agree.

I recall in March 2012 it was really warm - hot in fact! I had accomplished the lower borders by then tidying up the lavender beds, and watching the hens dig around and scratch on the car park.

Come Easter we had lost our best hen. With the dry weather in March and then a freezing cold Easter we wondered if we were going to get any summer at all.! April came and went albeit everything looked much greener, and surprisingly not dissimilar to this years weather pattern. I decided to surround my lavenders with a parterre of box.
May too was surprisingly hot! - too hot in fact to even plant the veg out!
May however was good enough to say we had a summer with red peonies and the azalea which flourished in hot weather.

Even our baby hens thought it was too hot they sought refuge in the large hole in the garden!
 And then came June...... Blue Iris and the blue grey range of delphinium displayed their glorious colour!

Even my efforts for the Queen's Jubilee with an old fashioned red rose and love in the mist trailing through the rose came right!
Its late June and flowers flowers everywhere! My Sarah Bernhardt peony with its crunchy petals,
the Compassion and Perpetue Roses

Even my blue hostas had gone to flower!
and so lets reflect on weather we had a good summer or not? so far sow good!
It's the end of June I remember watching the Chelsea Flower Show and how cold and wet at times it was however some stunning garden design work really inspired me to keep going and get the look in my garden that I wanted in keeping with the property (naturally)



My efforts for potting up for a grand sale of plants included the nasturtium's which all flowered early.
In July I did not take many photos as the weather seemed to take a turn. The jet stream had moved and everything seemed to be getting tired, old and going to seed. Saying this I enjoyed my 'mock orange' shrub with its heavenly smell, the echinops and alliums, plus the 'celebration cream and orange gladioli bought for me for the jubilee!

more later for the second half of the Year!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Reverse weather

Is it September or October! who knows what month it is with the ever changable weather this last few months. Just when I thought I needed to start putting everything in the garden to bed we ended up getting the barbeque out again and sticking our shorts on. Despite the fury of the winds earlier in the month, flowers that seeded in September have suddenly come into flower like my Love in a Mist. Swathes of blue along side the pale pinks and whites of cyclamen in the front border were a delight. Striking acidanthera is everlasting with a profusion of perfume, along side newly emerging gladioli's. Roses in the main bay pushing more flowers up, and my ever flowering yellow border also saw more roses flowering late on, much to my surprise.
I fear I do not want to deplete all the goodness out of the shrubs by constant pruning, and so contrary to most I look forward to the first frosts.

They recommend that cutting back in autumn is the norm however as Alan Titchmarsh stated in his programme Love your Garden gardens are 'still on the boil'!! so is mine.